You’d think a beagle rescued from a testing lab might not make a great pet (but you’d be so wrong)
Melanie Kaplan’s rescued beagle, Alexander Hamilton, is different from most rescued dogs. He wasn’t found wandering the streets or adopted from an animal shelter.
Hamilton, or “Hammy” for short, was rescued from a laboratory where experiments are conducted on animals — a lab funded by taxpayer money.

Hamilton is one of the DC7, seven beagles freed from a Washington-area lab last year by the Beagle Freedom Project, a nonprofit that works to release dogs used in research.

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"All I want is education, and I am afraid of no one."

Malala Yousafzai as Rosie the Riveter. 

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A little Texas hospitality goes a long way, y’all.”

The best signs from last weekend’s immigration rally in Texas.

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Artist Name: Daniel Montiel


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A tweet from CNN reporter Diana Magnay, which was quickly deleted.

CNN accidentally hired someone who does actual reporting

make this huge

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The Tardis on location in Cardiff, featuring Caerphilly castle and Cardiff castle

"The benefits of shooting Doctor Who in Wales is that it affords such a variety of locations and each one of those locations has such scale." - Matt Smith

Find out more information about Cardiff on our Love Wall

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Black Nannies/White Children: Photo Series Reveals the Racial Divide in Child Care

Photographer Ellen Jacob created a photo series that delves into the lives of New York Citynannies.

The series highlights something we already knew: there is an extreme racial divide that characterizes the home child care industry.

After spending four years scouring the streets for willing subjects she discovered the majority of caregivers, aged 23 to 60, were immigrants living on the minimum wage with no sick pay, holidays or health benefits.

The photographer noted the disparity between the women’s value to the families they care for and the compensation they receive, “Mothers talk about who much they love these women and they’re part of the family yet when it comes to money they tend to be much more tight.” (via TheCulture)

"Racism has always perplexed me in this way: White supremacy claims that black people are sub-human and savage, yet it seems wholly content with leaving the raising of its children to us. 

For me, that means one of two things (or both) are true:
1. White supremacy doesn’t really believe its own propaganda.
2. It hates its children.”
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No explanation needed.

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Vote with your wallet when it comes to stores — where you shop matters.

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